Duke of Edinburgh

We offer the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award to all our Leavers’ students. The award is designed to challenge both their physical abilities as well as their independence skills. Here at Heronsbridge, we are very passionate about the award, as it is one of the only awards our students can achieve which is in line with their peers in mainstream settings.

During their time in Year 12 and Year 13, students spend time each week working towards the four sections of the award:

  • Physical – any sport, dance or fitness activity to show personal improvement. In previous yuears, students have chosen swimming, boccia, yoga, football and hydrotherapy
  • Skills – developing an existing, or learning of, a new skill. Students have had opportunity to learn about DIY, cake decorating, photography, gardening, art and model-making in recent years
  • Volunteering – helping someone, the community or the environment. Litter picking and raising money for charities is a firm favourite for this section
  • Expedition – plan ning, training for and completing an adventurous journey

Students always excitedly prepare for their expedition. They spend time learning basic map reading skills, first aid, camp craft and learning to cook using a Trangia. During their expedition, students work with peers to navigate a route and carry all the necessary equipment. Once their walk is complete, they set up camp for the night and cook their own meal. Great fun is had by all and many long-lasting memories are created. Our students are always extremely proud of themselves when their award is complete!