Secondary Department

Our Vision Statement:
In the Secondary Department we pride ourselves on being a pivotal part of our pupils’ journey through education and life. We hope to inspire and motivate our learners to develop their skills, find their voices and own their learning. With nurture and support we watch as the children that enter from the Primary Department develop into the emerging young adults that are ready for their next step in to Leavers.

Together We Learn, Together We Grow,
Together We Achieve, Together We Can!

Key Stage 3 Curriculum

The pathway up the stairs from the Primary to the Secondary Department is an exciting journey that see’s progression and maturity. In Key Stage 3 the pupils get the most effective learning via ability setting for Literacy and Numeracy lessons and enjoy the other curriculum areas of learning on the Secondary Carousel. The pupils quickly get use to transitioning in the afternoons to different classrooms and having lessons delivered by passionate subject specific teachers. Excellent, nourishing opportunities are offered to our pupils such as Llangrannog, Forest Schools, Horse Riding and many sports related off site competitions. In three short years the pupils’ learning journey continues along the corridor to Key Stage 4.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum

In Key Stage 4 our pupils are encouraged to make more choices and take more responsibility for their own learning. With support, if needed, we ask our pupils to choose their Vocational and Work-Based Learning options. We follow WJEC accredited courses for most lessons and pupils love to see the nationally recognised acknowledgment of their hard work and newly acquired skills.
It is always a massive thrill when their certificates are handed out at the Record of Achievement afternoon. Many of the courses offered have a life skills element in preparation for our young people’s next part of their journey into the Leavers Department. Again, every enrichment opportunity is maximised and our pupils enjoy Welsh National Opera, Strictly Cymru, community art projects and much more.