Together We Chat Podcast!

Welcome to Heronsbridge’s first ever podcast:

Together We Chat!

Together We Chat has been set up by some of Leavers Students and our goals are to:

  • Entertain you through exciting and fun segments and interviews with members of staff.
  • Inform you of news and events that are happening around school.
  • To create something new that will provide opportunities for students in the future.
  • Support you through sharing our views and opinions about things that are happening both inside and outside of Heronsbridge School.

Please listen to the Episodes below! We hope you enjoy!

Episode 1: Opportunity: An introduction to the ‘Together We Chat Podcast’ with Mr Evans.

Episode 2: Independence: Produced by the podcast team! An interview with music maestro Mr Jones!

Episode 3: Wellbeing: Children’s Mental Health Week 2023! This week we interview members of staff and students to chat about why mental health and wellbeing is so important! Our special guest is our Assistant Head Teacher in charge of Health and Wellbeing – Dr Sylvia Fowler.

Please spread the word about our podcast and get involved by sharing your views and opinions. Please send in information to Mr Price about anything funny that happens in school that can feature in our ‘What a Shambles!’ segment.